Sedimentological thin section analysis provides an understanding of the critical small scale (cm-mm-nm) relationships within a layer or bed of rock. By effectively applying thin section interpretations, Qualiterra provides an in depth examination of porosity, pore structure, diagenetic processes and mineralogical relationships that can help explain the paleodepositional environment along with the post depositional history of the area in question. Also thin sections provide insight into unseen anisotropy that can fundamentally change the interpretation of a potential reservoir. At the AER core center thin sections can usually be cut from any core that has ever been taken in an area as long as the current mineral rights to the area and formation belong to the company requesting sampling. Also the AER maintains a significant library of thin sections that are available to anybody at any time. Very effective thin sections can also be made from available chip sample in the possession of the company; or, with permission, from the chip sample found within the AER core center. Also we provide thin section analysis that if requested will be logically tied into the local core and well logs providing a more complete understanding of the dynamics of a given potential reservoir.