Welcome To Qualiterra Geological Consultants

Qualiterra Geological Consultants is an independent geological consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company provides geological consulting and contract geological services to the Canadian and global oil and gas industry. Our strategy is to take a realistic and innovative approach to our projects through our knowledge-based team of experts providing high quality, cost effective and timely services. We invite you to visit the Our Services page for more information regarding the services offered by our innovative consulting team.

Sedimentology & Ichnology

We provide core, thin section, chip sample and SEM analysis that will improve the quality of prior sedimentological, petrophysical, and related structural interpretations.

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Paleobiology is very useful when it comes to interpreting depositional environments through analysis of macrofossils, microfossils, and trace fossils.

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Seismic Hazard Assessment

Earthquakes associated with various oil and gas activities such as waste-water disposal and hydraulic fracturing have become a topic of focus in the central eastern US and western Canada

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We are offering several introductory and advanced level courses to geologists, geophysicists, and engineers

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Field Trips

We are offering several field trips courses and workshops in Canada and United States to geologists, geophysicists, and engineers

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